Tales for Tapes #07

Vendredi 14 janvier 2011
Start : 19:00

Traffic Art Gallery
Rue Egide Walschaerts, 30
Brussels, Belgium, 1060

(Rinus van Alebeek – berlin & Anton Mobin – paris )



FINAL CUT (brussels)

TZII (brussels)

TG (brussels)

Flyer by Dawamesk & Hand Job
#7 in the series was held on Friday 14th January 2011 in the Traffic Art Gallery in Brussels. The artists, in order of appearance, who played that evening were Final Cut, TG, Dawamesk & Handjob, Blenno und die Wurst-Brücke, Tzii and She was Beautiful.

The concerts were recorded on a Sony Walkman and a Yamaha Fourtrack by Flavien Gillé ( • ) and me, Rinus van Alebeek(+) . Each one of us used four C40 chrome cassettes. We continously changed the cassettes during the recording process. Sound check, audience talk and concerts appear in a cut up structure.

Since Flaviens set up (with two microphones) was static, he couldn’t record TG and Blenno who played in an other room. I (Rinus) could walk around.

Tales for Tapes #7 is released in an edition of seven copies. Each copy holds a different version of the evening. Each cassette has in addition a unique remix in which the other six tapes were used. The remixes were done by me, using a marantz cassette player, a yamaha fourtrack and a tascam fourtrack.
1. Stravinsky mix ( • )
2. UKW mix ( + )
3. Solaris mix ( • )
4. U-Boot mix ( + )
5. Film Noir mix ( • )
6. The Plague Years mix ( • )
7. Border Road mix ( + )

The cover is the flyer of the evening, from an original linoleum print by dawamesk and hand job. The inlay is a piece of paper with more or less the same info that you find on this page.

Tales for Tapes will cost you 5 Euro (ex shipping) and is available at the staalplaat shop in Berlin or via staaltape at staalplaat dot com

Final Cut’s concert was released by wandering ear and is available for download



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